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Kim Verbrugge & Emilie Rabot are the co-founders of Warm Blue Digital, a digital consultancy offering digital marketing and advertising courses focusing on the LinkedIn Advertising Platform. Between 2010 and 2016, Kim and Emilie worked together at LinkedIn as advertising operations professionals. During this time, they managed over £50m in client’s advertising budgets and 1000+ advertising campaigns. In 2018, they decided to come together and combine their knowledge and experience to produce a course that will empower digital marketers to run effective campaigns on the LinkedIn platform.


Kim Verbrugge

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Kim is a LinkedIn expert and consultant, helping individuals and SMEs leverage the LinkedIn platform, to extend their networks, grow brand recognition and business development opportunities. With over 10 years’ experience in digital advertising, Kim joined LinkedIn in 2010 and specialised in delivering B2B marketing campaigns for global brands in Financial Services, Education, Technology and Oil & Energy. Having witnessed and been active in LinkedIn’s hyper-growth period she has been responsible for some of the biggest advertising campaigns in LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions history.

Since leaving LinkedIn, Kim graduated from the Digital Mums Social Media Management course with a greater understanding of the digital media landscape and built a flexible consultancy business around her family. Her new passion is helping others create flexible, sustainable work opportunities for themselves.

Kim currently works with clients in a range of industries including Angel Investors, Fin Tech and Energy companies supporting them grow their businesses and become industry thought leaders.


Emilie Rabot

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Emilie is a digital tech and advertising expert who loves teaching digital skills and helping people get the most out of digital technology. She built her career working for large publishers: Journal du Net, YouTube, TalkTalk, LinkedIn and Gumtree/eBay. Having started as a campaign manager, she went on to head campaign planning, advertising operations and advertising technology teams. This provided her with great insights into the multiple aspects of campaign management, including strategy, creative design, pricing, tracking and reporting. Passionate about data and technology, she has developed a deep understanding of advertising systems, in particular in the programmatic sphere.

She recently graduated with distinction from the Master of Research in Sociology at the University of Bath. As a result, in parallel to her advertising consultancy work, she is developing her research career. Her projects focus on data justice, applying social justice principles to the collection and usage of big data, and digital inclusion, empowering citizens through technology.